Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so. tired.

today has been long. not busy. just long.
First off, I cleaned my room from top to bottom. And if you know me at all, you know that doesn't just mean picking up my clothes and making my bed. No, my closet was completely cleaned out, sheets washed, floor vacuumed, everything disinfected, mirror Windexed, and everything dusted! I figured since I'm going to be in there quite a bit come Monday when school starts, it needed to be clean. I just can't handle dust and germs.
And next I cleaned the bathroom. All of it. That was not fun! The bathroom is my least favorite thing to clean. I would much rather wash a dozen sink-fulls of dirty dishes by hand than clean a bathroom where people pee and get tooth paste all over the sink. groooossss. what's really funny is the person who I'm cleaning up after, is me. haha! and brantley....
Then, I went running/mostly walking with daddy after we dropped Brantley off at football practice. That was fun! We've been walking a lot lately and I love it! :) It makes me feel so good!
Now I've eaten dinner and gotten a shower and am SO ready for bed. So, goodnight!

And I'm sorry I haven't bee writing a whole lot about John 8. :( I honestly have not had the time. But, know that I have been reading it! I hope everyone else has bee reading their Bibles as well! If not, please do! There's good stuff in there. ;)

and mommy gave me a haircut! :)

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