Friday, August 6, 2010


tomorrow she comes home!! :) jordyn's been gone for 5 weeks now and I am SO happy she is coming home! She's driving all the way from Texas so, please pray for her safe travels! :)
I hope you all have been having a good day so far. I have had a busy day! We have run errands all over town and I drove us to every one of them I might add. :) And if you didn't know, this weekend is tax free! It's the perfect time to go shopping for pretty much anything! There are also sales going on at JC Penny's and Old Navy(old navy for they're denim and women's clothing). So, I'm hoping to get some sales tomorrow! I would also like to go garage saling before jordyn gets home, but we'll have to see. :) I'm ambitious this weekend aren't I?? haha! :) I hope you all enjoy your weekend before the school starts! :)

good day lovelies

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