Monday, September 6, 2010

first day back

to facebook, at least.

I fasted from facebook all week, since last monday. I didn't login to "browse" even one time! I really felt convicted in one of our pastor's sermons, which was about the idols you have on your life. I realized that I spent more time on facebook than I do reading the Word and talking to God. FB was my idol! I figured out that the more time I spent on FB, my focus was on people and gossip way more than it was on God and what it true and admirable. So, I took a week off to clear my head of all the gossip and "breaking news" of FB and I have to say, I truly thought more about what I did and said. I also started including people that mean alot to me in my prayer time. I actually thought about them and had a conversation about them with God, instead of just asking him to protect them and make them happy. I mean what is that?? So, now I'm back, but I don't want to fall into that horrible habit again. I need to remember that FB is not my life-line. It's a privilege to use it, and it can be dangerous if I take advantage of it. In order to not become addicted to it again, I've limited myself to one hour a day. One hour, consecutively or not, is all I'm allowing myself. However, if I need to get on for some super important reason (although I can't think of any), and I've already been on for my hour, I will allow myself to get on for however long I need to. 20 min at the most.

I'm saying this so maybe those of you who I'm friends with on FB or in person can hold me accountable. If I'm on when you're on, and we both stay on for an hour and I haven't gotten off yet, you have my permission to tell me to scoot on out of of the FB world. I want you to! If you don't, then that's ok. Hopefully you'll never even have to do that. Hopefully I get off on my own.

But not being on this whole week has allowed me to accomplish SO many things. I scratched all but two things off my to-do list, and I had about 8 things on there. That's pretty good! at least I think so.

I encourage you to get rid of something for a week or more that is coming in between you and God. What takes up your mind space when your focus should be on God?? I challenge you to fast from it! You can do it!

well, it's time for me to go. I can't let bloggin become an idol too. ;)

hope everyone had a great labor day!

and I love this dried fruit wreath! find it here.

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