Sunday, September 5, 2010

such a lovely weekend.

hello! how has everyone's weekend been?? Mine's been great! Friday, I did school and then later that night I went to my friends birthday dance party, which was fun! Saturday morning we went to my brother's football game at 11:30 and then ate lunch with my grandparents. Later on we got a call from a friend of my mom's, who has 4 little girls. She had to go to the hospital for something so we got to keep the girls! We were at their house from 4ish to almost midnight, but it was so much fun! They are sweet girls. And today, we actually had a "home" day. We didn't go to church this morning; we didn't go anywhere for that matter. I just worked on a few "to-do list" items and watched movies. It was very nice to relax at home for a whole day after a busy week (and night!). Today was definitely my Sabbath.
Some of the projects I'm working on are making things for Watch, planning all the stuff for the One Meal One Day thing we are doing at W.A.Y, and making a scrapbook-type-thing for W.A.Y. For Watch, I am making a little book with all of our pictures in it and little facts about each of us (ex. our favorite color, what we like to eat, our name...). For the OMOD, I just had to adjust all the things they suggested you do before, during, and after OMOD (Oct. 20) because our youth group is still so small. It's not big big enough to do all the things they suggested. But, you know, that's ok! Our mindset is to adjust our lives and plans with God's plan. So, I'm adjusting the OMOD to fit God's plan of a current, small (and young!) youth group. And for the youth group, I am creating a scrapbook-thing. It's basically just a binder with pages of pictures on them, put in a page-protector. I made the pages look cute, like I would in a scrapbook, I just didn't spend the money I would have on a scrapbook. :)
So it's been a pretty creative day for me. :) I love these kinds of days.
I hope today was productive for you to.

And, the weather??? You didn't think I'd leave without talking about the first glimpses of fall, did you?? oh no, mam.
Yes, the weather has been fantastic! So cool in the morning and evening. Still warm during the day, but with the cool breeze, it doesn't even feel like summer!
I hope you enjoy the new, cool weather too! Get outside and breathe it in. It's so good for you.
have a happy labor day weekend everyone!

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