Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i haven't been being

very curly lately.
sorry! I've been being straight. yep, I've worn my hair straight for the past week and a 1/2. :) and Ive really liked it....kinda better than curly. :/ but today, my hair is curly again, just to see which one I like better. neither is permanent, of course. its nice that i can change between the two. i have to say though, straight hair is a lot less maintenance! maybe I'll be straight again tomorrow...... who knows??
in other news, I've just been doing school around here. that and walking and church stuff.
i started reading the book of Revelation again 2 nights ago. I'm taking it one chapter at a time and really trying to understand it. not so much remembering all the details in
johns visions, but more of the significance of them. I can't wait for heaven!
this weekend is going to be super busy. starting Thursday we have the Thursday lunch, cleaning Monica's, a baby shower, co-op, my doctors appointment, CJ's football game, Brantley's football game, production of Hairspray Saturday afternoon, a party sat. night, church sun morning, church-wide lunch after, another party after that, and then a video scavenger hunt with the youth on Sunday night. jeez, that's a lot to do between Thursday and Sunday! and I also have to find time to plant my garden. this will be the first time I've had a fall garden. we'll see how it goes! :)
i hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! :)

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