Wednesday, October 27, 2010

good time.

I went on a hay ride with my youth group last sunday!
me and some of the girlies
We had a lot of fun!
So, I've been getting ready for the "Winnie the Pooh, A Christmas Tail" auditions......I am nervous. But! I feel very prepared. I already have the monologue memorized, plus I know the song by heart and mom and jordyn say it sounds alright. :) I guess I'll go through with it! ;)
Today, jordyn and I have to clan maw maw's, which is good because I need money!! I haven't been workin lately and I'm runnin dry. :( This will soon be taken care of.

In my Bible last night, I was reading Proverbs 6. (I'm trying to read a proverb a day. I just think it's good.) Proverbs 6 was basically a warning about staying away from the adulteress. Now, of course I don't have that problem, but I see the adulteress representing any sin in my life. And something King Solomon is saying in Proverbs 6 is to not even get on the road that leads to her house! I have to completely stay away even from the little bitty, seemingly unimportant things that could lead me away from the path I'm supposed to be on. So, I've been thinking about that, and maybe you needed to hear that too.

PLUS! I'm reading a new book called Nobody by 'someone who's name I can't remember'. :) It's really goo though! I'll get more info on it later.
 Now, I'm off to do school!
Have a lovely day everyone! :)

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