Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i can breathe now. my busy week is over and a new one has started.
hello everyone! nice to be back. I've missed writing....I truly haven't had the time. :)
How was every one's week?? mine was fine. My grandparents came into town and we had a crab boil; typical, cajun thursday night. ;)
I had shows all weekend and let me tell you, never ever has a show felt like it lasted SO long. I couldn't wait for it to end! really!
but it's over now, and I'm getting ready for the Winnie the Pooh auditions this friday. and this saturday I have a home school softball meeting! whoo-hoo! finally getting a T.H.E. softball team started. it's about time!
no recent news on my writing, but I am thinking about sending in another story. maybe....
I have to let someone read it first to tell me if it's any good or not.
and I need have to do school today. :)
so, I had better get off!

p.s.-- went walking this mornin with my sister and mrs. michelle. it was so HOT!
this is ridiculous.

have a happy day!


Maggie May said...

being too busy to write? i can so relate.

stumbled here :)

Shelby Grace said...

well, i'm gald you made it here, miss maggie may. :)