Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i'm studyin'

my friend rylee and i are doin this study. for one week, starting today till next tuesday, we are goin to document everything we consume(e.g. electricity, food, water, gas, materials...). then, starting on tuesday of next week, we will cut back drastically on the things we used this week. For example, today I realized I use about 17 sheets of toilet paper every time I use the restroom. Since I've used the bathroom quite a few times today, I've calculated that I've used well-over 50 sheets of toilet paper. So, next week, I'm plan to limit myself to 5 sheets of toilet paper per toilet use. Also, I plan to not even turn on my light in my room, nor use anything that requires electricity in my room. I plan to eat raw foods that haven't been packaged or cooked on a stove top, which uses electricity, and I plan to take luke-warm, 5 min showers everyday. This will be hard.....but I'm so excited to see the results! She and I are both doin it, so at the end of the 2 weeks, we are goin to compare our findings. :)
already I've documented some pretty nasty things: like how much paper I go through in 20 min, how much water I use, and, most shockingly, how much toilet paper I use.
this will no-doubt, be a life-changing study. I will keep everyone posted, especially when I start the "cutting back week" as I call it. this week is just plain discouraging. I'm so wasteful!

In other news I'm having a great tuesday! how about yall?? leave your thoughts below.....

bye yall!

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