Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DIY: magazine envelope!

do you have too many magazines, like me?? Well, if you do, head over to my DIY page, because I have quite a few projects that are inspired by recycling old magazines. :)
This DIY makes envelopes out of magazine pages! didn't think you could do that, huh?? well, you can. :)

You'll Need:
-1 magazine page
- clear tape

What To Do:

  1. Tear out a page from a magazine. (if you use one with a pretty picture of a dessert or landscape, your envelope will be pretty too! :))

2.   Fold the bottom edge of the paper up to the top about 4-5 in. The paper not folded, remaining at the the top, is the flap. The flap should be about 1 1/2 - 2 in.

3.   OPTIONAL: Tear the top edge of the flap to make it look homemade/rough/rugged.
       NOT OPTIONAL: Tear the sides of the flap on an angle, only slightly.

4.   Fold the side edges of the envelope part of the envelope to make a pouch. Tape shut.

5.   Fold the top flap to cover the top opening, and you're done! :)

Well, wasn't that just so easy?? :) yes it was. And, because the mail man probably won't be too happy about a magazine envelope (because the addresses will be hard to read), write the addresses on white masking tape and stick 'em on the envelope! It makes it so cute and homey-madey looking. :) I have no masking tape at home at present, so there aren't any pics with it. :(

Same as always, let me know if you make these!
Include pics + your URL, and send 'em to! I'll be sure sure and blog about them!

 On another note, God is really cool. And He is showing me some pretty cool things. For example, he is showing me that my money (and all of my other possessions) are not mine. They are his. I'm like the money/possession babysitter. This has been a hard pill to swallow, as has been saying to me, "Shelby, we all know you like to love people by serving them and volunteering your time, but you won't let me touch your money. Just because gift giving isn't your love-language doesn't give you an excuse to not use your money for my glory. We are going to do some serious growing in this area, bud." (paraphrase. :))
Boy, am I nervous. Because just yesterday, we broke the ice in this 'spending money for Him' ordeal. And breaking the ice was quite expensive, if I don't say so myself. But God's like, "Oh, Shelby, we have a ways to go. You still have money in your savings account, girl!" oh my, my, my, my.
As much as this makes me nervous, because I like having money for emergencies (not that there's ever been one), I am choosing to trust Him. Because if he can't trust me with little things, I can never expect to be trusted with big things later on in life.
So, pray for me, please. :)

Have a great Wednesday, and Thankgiving Weekend! :)


Morgan said...

I don't understand.

God asked you to give all your money to Him? What about saving like you said for emergencies or for furthering your education? A car? Going on a mission even?

I don't believe you need to give money to God to show Him you are faithful to Him. The biggest deeds done in the Lords name are those which are done by you; where you make a personal contribution of yourself and your time, not your money.

When I used to go to Catholic church, I would give and give and give money "unto God and the church," but since finding my own religion in non judgmental Christianity, I've found that giving of myself reaps better rewards for God and myself; volunteering, speaking His message, mission trips, just talking to people about Him and staying true to myself.

Don't let anyone make you believe that God wants all your money; find it in the bible where He says that. A tithe is a portion of what you make, not all of it. God asks for an open heart towards others and an open mind to receive Him, not an open wallet.

Shelby Grace said...

well, when i say "giving all of my money to God", what i mean is not keeping any of it from him. He has shown me to leave it completely "open" for him to use whenever the Spirit impresses on me to do so. Afterall, it's his to begin with. I didn't get any of it by my own doings.
And when I say that i'm giving my money to God, I don't always mean giving it to the church, as in a building.
Scripture says that the Christian people are the church-the Body of Christ.
Jesus says that whatever we do (including giving money) to the least of these, we do to him.

My goal is to open up my whole self, and all of my resources and possesions, and give them to God so that I will be completely available for him to use me, however he wants!

thanks for stopping and comenting! :)