Monday, November 15, 2010

jingle bell rock!

that's what I'm listening to! Christmas can't get here fast enough! of course, I've still got quite a few gifts to get/make, so maybe i can wait. :)
how was every one's weekend?? mine was great!
Friday we went to co-op, and then me and a few friends went to Baumhower's for lunch! Then that night the T.H.E. Warriors had basketball games. They won 'em all except 1! :)
  Saturday was a nice and lazy day till my neighbor called and said she had two free tickets to the Bama vs. Mississippi State game! I went with my Paw Paw, and we had so much fun! :)


  Sunday we went to church and me and mom kept the babies. :) I love the babies! That afternoon I watched an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive and Dear John. Good show, good movie. That night we finished watching The Passion of the Christ that we had started last Wednesday night. We also ate tacos with the youth! :) Then we came home, played board games, and finally went to bed!

Altogether,  a very good weekend. :)
plus, I had a great idea for a new story. :) We'll see.....

How was your weekend??

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