Monday, November 15, 2010


a small house, usually of only one story

(no direct photo credit available. found here.)

I do love small, quaint houses. :)

so, today I have a few things on my mind:

- i need to come up with a title for my story that will be featured here on Dec. 1. p.s.-- it's been published here!!
- I need to work on my 101 list.
- I need to get started on making Christmas gifts!
- I need to get started making my outfits.
- I need to make the OCC box that's sitting on the floor in my bedroom.
- I need to buy groceries that go in this bag.
- I need to make Christmas gift bags/boxes for my Thursday Lunch friendsies! :) (inspiration)
- I need to do research in Cyrene, Simon of Cyrene, and his kids, Rufus and Alexander. (I'll feature you in tomorrow's post if you can tell me who those people are! :)) But, don't ask why I need to do research on them. It's a surprise. ;)
- I need to study science
- I need to pay Watch's money

hope you're havin a good monday!

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