Tuesday, November 16, 2010

not feeling too hot today.

i have a headache, and my tummy hurts. :(
plus, it's raining.
so, just some webby inspiration today.

i like this wedding shoot. (especially the shot of the bridal party on the stairs)
neat diy
something i'm going to make myself
cupcakes from heaven
lovely advent calender
i would love my bed to be like this
love this simple, beachy outfit
love this bow belt (too bad it sold.)
pretty packaging
dress from Dear Golden's Etsy
great vintage shop (i like this, this, and this!)

now I'm off to work on this project! :)

p.s.-- I'm reading Daniel right now. I'm loving it! It's like reading a fiction novel, except it all fact! :)
and I'm reading Proverbs. a very wise book of the Bible. Aside from being inspired and thankful through these scriptures, I am learning alot too! and I'm hiding it all in my heart, that I might not sin against God.


Jordyn said...

ok...you HAVE to make those cupcakes soon :)

Shelby Grace said...