Sunday, December 12, 2010

i guess i should start blogging again, yes??

sorry i've been so non-existent lately. i have been pretty distracted and busy lately.
basketball season has started and that means early evenings, and late nights, in town or out.
this is also the month of birthdays for my sibs and most of my friends, so that means birthday parties!
and i've been sick for the past 2 weeks, so that has taken a toll on me as well.

the latest news??
 well, tonight W.A.Y. had their first annual Christmas Party, complete with 'little smokies' and dirty-santa. :)

 i also completed my first handmade gift for this year! it was for my friend, kenna. a picture will come, i promise! along with her handmade gift, i gave her some nail-polish, inspired by this. (mine was $2 though, whereas theirs was $14. yeah. and I actually like mine better.)
 i am absolutely in love with this holiday season. i love christmas all the time, but this year, it seems warmer and happier and jollier. :)
 i have a few projects in line for this holiday season. i have things to make people for christmas, and stockings to make for mom and dad (they have none! can you believe that?!?!?!?), a bookmark for me, etc. but it makes me excited!! if only, if only i could channel that excited into history.... hhhhmmmmm.

weeeeell, that's all for now. it sure feels could to be back. i like writing down everything that i do. :)

have a warm, merry, bright, happy, dear, lovely, week, everyone. :)
meeeeerry christmas. 'tis our dear Savior's birth we celebrate. :)

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