Friday, December 3, 2010

right now,

i am listening to Hillsong praise the King of Kings while sipping Hershey/caramel-flavored coffee in a Christmas mug. :) It really can't get any better, can it?? I think if it could, we'd all be in heaven.

So, how's your week been?? I almost feel like it's monday, because wednesday was brantley's birthday, and we took the whole day off for that, making it feel like the weekend. oh, well. not complainin here... :)
here are some pics from the 'weekend':

out to eat at Tokyo for Brantley's birthday! :)

Brantley's "cake" :)
decorating the christmas tree! :)

and all while listening to Christmas music. :)

today, I have to do school, clean monica's, and go to brantley's b-ball game later. It'll be a full day, but I can do it! I've had my coffee, and my Jesus! Let's get it!
happy friday everyone!

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