Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rain-filled day. oh goody.

 hello little blog readers. how has your week been so far??
yesterday i got up, did school, went to the doctor (we'll talk about that later), came home, and babysat 4 adorable little girls! :) it was a fun night. they insisted that they give me a make-over, and i would've been a party pooper if i had said no! i did take some pictures of myself, but for some reason i dont think they'll ever make it one here; even though Summie (2nd oldest) said I was SO gorgeous and Pay Pay (2nd youngest) said, of course, that I looked like a princess. ;) Autumn (oldest) took charge over my toenails (and toes) so now they are painted white. Pay Pay painted my fingers (yes, fingers) brown, red, pink, and sparkley. Sorry, Pay, but the nails have got to go! :) Mercy (youngest) was so pleasant, she just toddled around and looked at her sisters (and what they were doing to me) as if to say, "what the heck are you doing to her?!?!" :) but it was still so much fun! i love little girls and the cute things they say! those four make me want to have a house-full someday!

 anyway, on to today. this morning we were supposed to get up at 7 (AM!!) and leave for Jordyn's neurologist app. and then she and i were going to go babysit at the church for the women's Bible study. Well, we were too tired, so the doctor's app. was canceled and re-scheduled, and jordyn  babysat by herself because there were only 2 kids.

Pros: I got to sleep in.
Cons: i didn't get paid.

 oh well. now I'm doing school and later we have a b-ball game about an hour from here. not too bad, i guess. except for it's raining (hence photo)! it makes me want to curl up with some coffee and read a book or watch a sad movie. (i know, it's terrible.)
how will you be spending your tuesday, my little readers??
i love you all, have a wonderful day!
and, did anyone notice the verse on the left-hand side of the page?? it's the verse that i got the "whatever is true' from. :)

p.s.-- if it's raining where you live and you actually have time to watch a sad movie, might i suggest 7 Pounds?? So melancholy, but really good too! :)

p.p.s--   a cute video
             nails that i have tried and can vouch for (you'll love them!)
             cut-off t-shirt that i am going to try and replicate. :)

p.p.p.s-- the cupcakes really were not that good. the only thing good(like, reeeaaalllyy good) was the icing. and i am going to try the icing with a different type of cake.

(photo credit: daisies are like sunshine to the ground)

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