Monday, January 17, 2011

a monday like no other. (except for last year)

hello! today is MLK day! And, to honor #77 on my 101 list i have worn MLK's favorite color- green! My camera is currently out, so later i plan to take a pic of myself with the webcam, but right now, i don't feel like getting up. :)
and, i'm starting a new tradition! Because MLK's initials sound like the word 'milk', i am going to drink a tall glass of milk every MKL day! how fun is that?!? very, and i might even add a cute straw, you just never know. :)
and, feb. is getting closer and closer everyday, and i have many projects in mind. what to see??

- sweetheart pops!
- heart paper-clips!
- an album for all my feb. pictures! (see #70 on the 101 list)

hopefully i'll get more in, but this is good for now. :)
happy MLK Day! (drink milk!)

(photo credit: here)

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