Tuesday, February 8, 2011

in LA!

hello everyone! this will be a super quick, super short post.
to those of you who dont keep up with me through fcebook, IM IN LA!!
but, the louisiana kind. :)
my granny is in the hospital with some kidney problems and bronchitis. she has trouble breathing every now and then, and she coughs a lot. coughing is actually good for her though because it breaks up all the fluid in and around her lungs/heart and allows her to get all that yuck up!
we stayed the night last night with her in the hospital and hardly slept a wink, but thats ok. we came home at 10 this morning and slept till about 15 min ago, so we are well rested!
we still have a few things planned for the rest of the trip, so i need to get off and go get a shower!! haha :)

please continue to keep granny in your prayers. i think most important right now is prayer for peace and comfort and ease and non-suffering. we all know she'll be healed how God wants her to be. but she is just having a hard time right now. thanks yall!!

see yall...whenever i get back! :)
i love you all!
happy tuesday ;)

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