Thursday, February 10, 2011

home again.

mommy and granny :)

im finally back home! i missed my family so much! we did have a good trip though. the day we left, Granny was able to leave the hospital and go home, so now she is probably dozing on-and-off, enjoying company, or watching the Batchalor. (i think it's so funny that my 82 year-old grandma like that show! :)

today ive done a LOT of school. but ive also written a letter, and i still have a few more to go.
do any of you still write letters?? i love to, but i have no one close to me that's far away. (does that make sense?? probably not. ;)
anyway, im writing 2 thank-you notes, a letter to my other great-grandma, and 2 valentine notes.

i feel like im boring today. oh well. today is a boring day anyway. it snowed last night and this morning so it's cold and melty/slushy around here. but it was pretty while it lasted! :)

i hope you all are having a fantastic thursday!
i love you all!

p.s.-- i've started closing all my letters with "Living like Love" instead of just "Love" and then my name. What do you think?? Do you have any special closings you like to use in your letters?? if you even write them?? ;)

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