Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i love being happy. :)

hello! i promised weekend photos of our hiking trip, but it's wednesday now. sorry i'm so late! it's been a busy week so far!

but, anyway. pictures from saturdays hiking/cook out time with Jordyn, Josh, and Anthony:

jordyn got wet!

that was saturday. we had SO much fun! I love to laugh... :)

Then we started the week on monday. monday held school, softball practice and softball pictures.
all of that = no blogging      :(

but then we start tuesday! still, no blogging, BUT we had our first softball game! It's the first year ever for T.H.E. Warriors to have a softball team, and we won BOTH of our first two games!! We are all so proud of ourselves! So, Warrior Softball: UNDEFEATED, for the time being. :)

today, i plan to do school. loooots of school. then writing class and church tonight.

So, lovelies, what has your week been like so far?? I hope it's been remarkable. mine has. :)

I love you all!
Happy Wednesday!

p.s.-- i have a super-de-duperdy GREAT DIY that I am SO thrilled to show yall! I've a few more touches to add to it, but then it's all for yall to see. :) plus, I plan to submit it here (if it gets done in time!). You should submit something too!

So get BUSY with yo creative self! ;)

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