Friday, March 11, 2011

pray for japan.

hello everyone! hopefully by now, you have all heard about the earthquake (rated 8.9 on rictor scale) and tsunami that hit Japan this morning. if not, head over here for all the major details.

it is extremely important that we pray for japan right now, and all the surrounding lands that could be effected by this devastation! please join me. I'm going to do something i've never done, but pray with me as I pray:

Father God, I, and several others, possibly from all around the world, come before you, God, and lift up the people of Japan. All that has happened is so crazy, and it reminds me of how little time we actually have here on earth. God, I ask that you would fill that country with your peace right now. Please go to those trapped, dying, or hurting, and fill them with your Holy Spirit. Please show them, in some only-God-possible kind of way, that they NEED a Savior. I pray that in all this devastation, that they would know that they are witnessing your power in the waves and plates in the earth. Creation sings your majesty; you are shouting, God! Open their hearts and let them hear you! God, as all of this will calm down, and I pray that it will soon, please send believers to help clean up and live out your love to those people affected by this. Please be pulling on the hearts of believers around the world, and show us what we can do to help those people and live out our calling! Please speak to my heart, and show me, God, how I can help. I know that I am incompetent to do anything by myself. But, God, work through me, let me have none of myself in this! Let the church rise up in this. Speak to our hearts. Be with those in Japan right now. Calm the waters of the Pacific. Still the anxious minds of the mothers and the children. Please give the people wisdom to take caution and get to safe places. God, please just be present in Japan. Please make yourself known to the whole world in this time! God, I ask this humbly before your throne, thankful for my family who is healthy and safe in our home. God, I am so blessed. I am your child. I am your servant, please show me what to do. I ask this is the name of Jesus Christ, who worked incredible  miracles while he walked the earth. We KNOW that he his beyond capable of working them today, too. I love you Lord. Please have mercy. Amen.

this catastrophy makes me remember when God explicitly told me that I am running out of time. Think about that as you go about your day and pray for Japan. We are only running out of time, and everyday that goes by is another day closer to when Christ comes back. Have you been living as a serious Christian??

Who in your life, will look at you on judgement day and ask, "[Shelby] why didn't you tell me about your God? I thought we were friends..."

Do you know people in your life who aren't Christians??


think about such things.

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