Tuesday, March 8, 2011

strong enough.

hello. :) and happy tuesday! it's my friend kenna's birthday today! yay! she got her license too! whoo-hoo!!

so, now it's my turn to talk about how God spoke to me through Romans 8:39.

No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39 (nlt)

(i used a different translation than the one Tayler used yesterday, so don't get confused!)

I am so glad Tayler chose this verse! I have been meditating on it for a while now, and God really has been working this out in my life. Some things have happened in these past few weeks (that aren't serious:) and I've been feeling a little over-whelmed and incompetent. But this verse tells me I don't have to feel this way, because nothing can separate me from God. No hard time, no new territory in life. nothing. nothing at all. When I tell myself this over and over again, I let myself think of dozens of scenarios that could happen in my life so I can "visualize" God stepping in between me and the problem. I visualize God's love bridging that gap.
And then I think, "Is God's love really that strong? Strong enough to bridge the gap?"
yes. yes, it it.
We can know this as truth because God says his love was revealed to us through Jesus Christ. Everything Christ did was out of love, because he is love. God is love.
So I go back to the 4 Gospels and read all about how Jesus was, indeed, strong enough. Strong enough to change people's life. Strong enough to heal people. Strong enough to make other people strong with the power of His name! wow, guys. This is huge.
Sunday morning, I helped out with the pre-school class. The lesson was on Jesus healing the blind man. I remember something I talked to the kids about. The conversation went something like this:

(me)- So Jesus healed the blind man, and let him see, right?
(me)- He healed him by putting mud over his eyes. But, was the mud really what healed the man? Was it Jesus that healed the man, or the mud? Can mud really heal someone?
(kids)- no. Jesus healed him!
(me)- that's right! Jesus used the mud as a tool, but it was Jesus who really made the made the blind man see.

Jesus loved the man, and healed him. He had the power to do it, and nothing could stop him from loving this man. Nothing. Not an entire childhood of blindness or the doubt that crept into the mind of the blind man the moment Jesus smeared the mud over his eyes.
Nothing in this world can separate us from God's love.
Nothing out of this world can separate us from God's love.

can- to be able to

don't miss this y'all. this is huge. this can be life changing if you let it.

nothing is even able to separate us from the love of Christ. Our God is just too big. Nothing can beat him. Nothing will ever even be able to.
So let him love you. Love him. Get rid of your fear. There isn't a need of fear if nothing can beat our God and he loves us!
I am so thankful that Tayler chose this verse, even though, at the time, I didn't know that God was going to orchestrate different things in my life like he did in order to teach me this important lesson.
God's love for me is huge. It's powerful. And nothing can stop him from loving me like he wants to.
I so needed this. Thank you Jesus.

Maybe you needed this too. I hope you know how powerful and strong God's love is. I hope you know his love is for you.

Happy Tuesday!
I love you all! :)

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