Tuesday, April 19, 2011


hola my loves!
one of you prayed for me today...because eventually, my headache and stomach-ache went away! :)
Now I'm about to do a little exploring in my Biblio ;)

But, I thought you all would get a kick out of this. My friend Anthony took some silly "photo-shoot" pics of me a few weeks ago while we were out at the lake. please, enjoy :)

face 1-- sad
face 2-- surprised??
face 3-- confused??
face 4-- happy :)

this made me laugh! he took these to be goofy, and I had forgotten all about them till now :)
I even put them in the 'about myself' page because I thought they showed my funny side pretty well ;)

I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday!
I love y'all!

p.s.-- has anyone been watching The Kennedys on tv?? It's a pretty neat little mini-series. i like it!

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