Wednesday, April 6, 2011

to die is gain.

here's just a little somethin'-somethin'. I'm practicing all I've learned at writing class these past 2 months... Here goes nothin'! :)

Smile at My Farewell
“For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” Phil. 1:21

Dig deep, when I die. Bury me far into the earthen floor, under the grass roots and tulip bulbs. Hide me in a box made of pine, and surround me with lavender sachets and rose buds. Let the rose buds die with me. Tell my mother not to cry when the baby’s breath flies out of the tangled wreath around my curls as the wind blows and ruffles my dress. My white dress made of linen, with the daffodils embroidered on the hem. Sing a song about new life at my funeral and pass around the lyrics of my favorite hymn. Talk about the time when I dressed up like a princess with my sister’s makeup and my mother’s heels. Please don’t cry as you smell the fresh-turned dirt out there in the cemetery. But if you do cry, let it only be because you are not with me, and not me not with you. Bury me deep so that I may not be a distraction to you. Hide me in the box so that you might forget me, and focus on what is Right. Bury me with sweet scents and beautiful adornments to remind you of the courts I will soon enter. Understand that the dress I wear cannot be worn by my spirit, but is only a symbol of the life I vowed to live. When you talk about new life, talk about second chances and new beginnings. When you read my favorite hymn, know that it is well with my soul to be where I am, and to leave you behind. Know that I am a princess, and I don’t have to dress up anymore. Know that I do not cry because of pain or sadness or hurt or rejection or accusation or slander or persecution. I cry because I have made it here. I have finished the race.

I have made it home.


I can't wait for Heaven! Who's with me??

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