Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the young ones look up

hello, lovelies. :) So, here's just a little something for you. My mom inspired me, and I had to write it down :)

Made Their Eyes Wide

They see me and see me more righteous than I am.
They see me and do not know of the sin I hide within.
They look at me with eyes so wide,
And I feel the weight, the pressure, to never hinder them.

They think I know the answers, but they are still so young.
They think I have it all under control, but they would be surprised.
They would not like to know of the things I’ve done,
They would not like to hear my stories of wrong instead of right.

So I confess to them, and something strange happens.
They look to me with wider eyes, and suddenly more and more confess.
They confess their inner most parts with no fear of judgment.
Is it really that easy, so easy to impress?

I realize this role was not gotten by appointment,
But by faith and a godly example.
Because of that I am extremely humbled.
In trying to live right, I have inspired others, and made their eyes wide.

Please note that I am not a poet and I gave up on rhyming about a third of the way through. :)
But helpful comments would be appreciated! :)
I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday!
I love you all :)
p.s.-- We have a softball game tomorrow! Pray for us! Last game we had 2 injuries! We don't want a repeat :)

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