Friday, May 20, 2011

checkin' in

hello, dear readers. :)

I have a new project to work on!
I'm going to make a little set of Thai and American history flashcards on a key-ring for Watch! I'm so excited!
I've done some research on the basic history of Thailand, and I already know the basics of America, so I'm ready to get started!

If anyone just happens to know some really cool facts about Thailand, I'd love to hear them!  :)

Plus, I planted some daisies in a pot today. I really hope they grow.

Plus-plus, I'm reading in Jeremiah right now. God's not really "teaching" me anything, but I am learning more about him and his heart as I read about his anger towards the sin of Israel and Judah. kind of neat, you know??
I'm also reading in Galatians and Psalms & Proverbs.

What are you reading right now??

Good night!
I love you all!

p.s.-- mommy's home! It's so nice to have her back... :) all that's missing now is daddy.

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