Thursday, May 19, 2011

my "to you basket"

You all remember a previous post about my resurrecting of the may basket.
well, here are the results!

I did all store bought stuff (i know, how weird), but I have not had time to make anything this past week!
If you didn't know, my mom and dad are both gone right now, and it's just me, jo, and the b-man. it's been interesting.... :)

anyway, what did i put in my basket??
I got this cute little sunflower planter pail from Win-Dixie, two packs of gum, and a baggy of Werther's hard candy caramels.
I didn't have to buy the basket though! I already had it on hand. :) And, to add just a little bit of homemade personality, I wrote some Scripture verses all over the basket weave and handle. :)

And I gave it to our wonderful neighbors who have saved us on many occasions. For example:

-One time, for a party, I needed some crime scene tape, and our neighbor (who is a police) graciously gave me some.
-Another time, I accidentally locked us out of the house, and Mr. PoPo (who shall remain nameless) helped us break in!
-And one time Brantley got bit by a dog, and Mr. PoPo rushed over to help us out! We got all the business and Brantley taken care of in many hours less than it could have taken had Mr. PoPo not helped out!
-And, of course, like any neighbor would do, Mrs. Neighbor Lady has let us barrow eggs before when we had none.

What wonderful people! :)

SO, what's your basket look like?!?! I'd love to see pictures! Send them to


I can't wait till we do this again! :)

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday!
I love you all!

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