Wednesday, May 18, 2011

let me hide myself in Thee

hi, loves.

how has your day been??
mine's been great, up till now. i'm really missing my parents.

this is for you, mommy and daddy.

daddy's been gone for training since the beginning of the month, and mommy left monday morning to go to the beach.
but before that, jordyn was gone to the beach, so it was just me, mommy, and brantley at home.
jordyn leaves again this thursday for an overnight trip somewhere, so it'll be me, mommy, and brantley alone again.

i am just so ready for my family, all five of us, to be under one roof. i miss my daddy alot. i feel the pain of him not being near.
this is a stinky feeling. blah.

gosh, the more i type this out the more i sad i get! what am i going to do when he's gone for a year?!?!

Jesus is going to really have to help me. I'm going to have to listen to a lot of worship music, hymns, and sermons to keep strong next year.

do me a favor, will you, and pray for me?? i feel like i may need to cry, but i really don't want to. mommy comes home tomorrow, and i know i'll feel better then.
however, right now, i just want to ball my eyes out and watch a sad movie, like Seven Pounds (with will smith) or A Walk to Remember (with mandy moore).

but, i'll be fine. i won't let myself be sad forever!

anyway, that's just me, venting about missing my mommy and daddy.

But i have to remember that "because He is with me, I will not fear. He's my hiding place, and my safe refuge."

O Lord, let me hide myself in Thee tonight. You are my Father.

goodnight, loves. sleep tight in your snuggly beds.
i pray you all have mommies and daddies with you in your house, loving you and taking care of you. maybe even praying for you!
but if not, know that God wants to be your daddy, and your mommy. actually, he's better than both! and he wants to comfort you if you feel alone.
if you are in Christ, you are never alone.

you are a child, whose Daddy loves you.

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