Tuesday, May 17, 2011

just a thought

hello, friendsies :)
i hope you all are doing well, and had a great monday!

i was reading psalm 139 in my Bible last night, and i just thought i'd share my thoughts on it.

this is a rather popular chapter in the Bible. but, surprisingly, i really hadn't paid much attention to it. last night i did, though, and i found that even beyond the power the words hold, is extraordinary poetic talent. really there is!
psalms has grown to be one of my favorite places to go to for inspiration for writing and ways to get my thoughts down on paper, and still make them sound good. :)

i've already told you how i feel a common ground with Paul from the new testament, but i also feel this way with David. and not because i feel as godly as him by any means! i still have a ways to go.... :)

but i do feel like i can relate to him when he writes about standing in awe of God because He knew every moment of our life before we were even created. or when he says that even the knowledge of God going before us and blessing us is too wonderful for him!

the way he writes is so transparent, and i can't help but blame that on the fact that he was writing all this to God, in a "prayer journal" of sorts. he probably didn't know that his secret prayers and feelings would make it into the Word, but that's not really the point. i just think it's funny, because if you were to read my prayer journals, you'd think i was nuts. :)

in psalm 139, David goes off on this dreamy rampage of sorts, telling God how awesome he is, and how He is beyond our understanding.

then, at the end, it's almost like David suddenly remembers reality, and he blames wicked people for the imperfectness of our world. he tells God that surely we are supposed to hate those wicked people, because if it weren't for them, we'd all live "happily ever after", basking in the amazingness of God.
but then, it's like David knows this isn't right, yet he doesn't exactly know what is.

so he prays, "Search me, O God, and know my heart...Point out anything that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life."

i can relate to David in this way too. sometimes I get confused as to what God's will is,and what isn't.
when this happens, i do like David did, and ask God to search my heart.

I have also learned the importance of learning to recognize God's voice.
That's harder said than done, by the way.....

those are just some thoughts on psalm 139, God, and David. :) i like to talk about things, even if i don't come to an actual conclusion about anything. :)

i love you all!
happy tuesday!

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