Sunday, May 8, 2011

wedding love

ok, so i'm a little late, but i'm JUST NOW getting to watch the Royal Wedding! It's a five-hour event and no day is better to watch it than a sunday afternoon. :)

as i'm watching this, you have to know that i am secretly noting different things about kate and pippa's dresses that i want to use for my own dress. :)
also, as i watch, i am getting really inspired to google weddings and such. :) it's spring, after all, the time for weddings anyway. it just seems right....right??
also, while skimming through wedding photos, i happened upon a cool blog, run by a Christian, 20-year old  girl! she features neat vintage clothes as well as recipes and things like that. :)
also on her blog is this cool challenge coming up in mid-may. anyone want to do it with me?!?!

anyway, just thought i'd let y'all know i am ooing and awing over all things wedding right now. :)

love y'all!
happy sunday!


Caroline Duncan said...

That challenge sounds great! But I might try it the next week, cuz this coming week, I have to wear shorts/a swimsuit several times. But I'm going to do it!

Shelby Grace said...

yay! :) remember to take pictures!