Tuesday, June 14, 2011

did i mention...

hello, loves!

did i mention that i tried on my mommy's wedding gown the other day?? well, i did!

it was super wrinkly from being in a box for 17 years! :)

i don't know about you, but i'm lovin' the big butt-bow and poofy sleeves.... ;)

i hope you are all having a super great tuesday! so far today i've babysat, done chores, and made my daddy's birthday present (thursday)!

I love you all!


Caroline Duncan said...

It's sooo pretty Shelby!!

Shelby Grace said...

haha, thanks! I'll tell mom you said that. I'm thinking about using the bodice of the dress and some of the beading and buttons to make my own wedding dress!

Caroline Duncan said...

I've wanted to use my mom's dress too! But it has some icky red mold on it, I think, so I'm afraid it won't work. :( But It looked great on you :)

Shelby Grace said...

ew. that's not good!
but thank you :)