Monday, August 22, 2011

a busy bee

hello, dears! happy monday!

I'm sorry i haven't been blogging's been one of the roughest weeks of my life. but God is keeping me sane and I will get everything i need to get done, done, through Him who gives me strength. because that's the only way i can do it. :)

yesterday was church, and it was so good. we've been talking about Jesus, obviously, but mainly about his teachings, character traits, decisions, actions, etc. by talking about these things we see how we can truly live like Jesus lived.
yesterday we talked specifically on how Jesus was generous, with everything, including money. you may remember this post, about God asking for my money, but he is reinforcing this principle again. my goal is to live a simple life.
one that is not boastful in possessions, because they will be eaten by moths one day anyway.
one that glorifies God in everything I do.
one that is generous with everything I have because I've been blessed beyond measure.

by doing these things, i will be performing at my absolute highest level, because God created us for his pleasure. And it pleases him when we mimic him. i am in the "glorifying groove" when i am doing things in Christ and for Christ.

in being generous with my money, i have to get rid of greed in my life.
greed= coveting, wanting, and longing for material things

God has been showing me that I can do this through not doing pinterest anymore.
yep, pinterest is over for me, because i have to get rid of that temptation. i see so many cute things on there that i want. but i don't need them. in fact, they probably won't even last the entire length of my lifetime. and even if they did, they won't make it to eternity.
i need to focus on things that will make it to eternity. i need to develop an eternal mindset in general.

also, it's very important to develop a mindset of "Jesus is with me ALL the time". What would you do differently if Jesus in human form shadowed your every movement??
drive slower?? not holler at the kids?? not cuss under your breath?? not cheat on tests?? think better thoughts?? (because he can read minds too, ya know.)
well, Jesus is with you 24/7. not in human form, but in your heart. and it wont be until you actually believe that that you will start acting different in your life, because what you do is a direct result of what you believe.

God's just teaching me and helping me learn some cool stuff right now, in his Word, through Bible study, through church, and other places.
However, it's also a busy/stressful time for me with school, work, taking actual classes with actual teachers.....(not used to doing that.)
but i am very thankful for this year, this opportunity to really get a lot out of school. to learn something and have it stick with me. it's exciting.
speaking of exciting, tomorrow's our first Spanish class! I'm really looking forward to it. i know this skill will be something I can use later in life.

well, i think that covers the past week. :) God really is teaching me so many things, answering prayers, becoming real. (not that he wasn't before....)

I'll be praying for you all! have a great week!

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