Sunday, August 7, 2011

family time

hello, loves. :)

happy sunday to you all!
normally, my family and i would have gone to church today, worshipped our Father with many other believers, and spent time fellowshipping and encouraging one another.

but, the past few days have been a little rough on my family. we won't go into detail, but i will say we were in need of rest. and time together.

so last night, we all crawled in mommy and daddy's bed and talked. and laughed! and told stories and talked about when we were babies, and when mom and dad were kids. we talked about daddy's military stuff, about God, and we read the Bible. it was just so much fun.

as we talked and laughed together, it got later and later, and finally, around 1am or so, we all starting falling asleep in their bed! so, we stayed that way, and all five (and annie) of us slept in mommy and daddy's bed for the first time since we were little bitty kiddies.
(mind you, we only stayed that way till about 5am or so, because brantley kept kicking everybody!)

 something that a lady at our old church used to say:
"God created the family before he created the church."

it's SO true! and my family was in serious need of some togetherness-time. :)

so this morning, instead of going to church, we all stayed home. mommy and daddy cooked a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grits for us, and we just lounged around, watching episode after episode of the Walton's.
talk about a good sunday. :)

i hope all of you had a good sunday as well!
i love you all!
make sure you love on your family sometime today!

i love my family!

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