Tuesday, August 9, 2011

speak truth in love

good morning, loves. :)

i had planned on going to the farmer's market today, and picking up some peas for my daddy and maybe a handmade soap or two for me, but it was all rainy when i got up. plus mom needed the car.
so i decided to stay home and drink a cup of coffee.

not too bad, huh??

last night, i listened to PB's sermon that we missed on sunday. it was aaaalll about telling the truth. but he went really in-depth with it! he talked about how our natural desire is to deceive, and it's because we ultimately don't trust God's plan for our life. Because, if we did, we wouldn't feel the need to lie in order to change upcoming circumstances.
make sense??

i would definitely recommend going listen to it on your lunch break or something. it's some serious spiritual food.

my friend asked me yesterday to start doing a Bible study with her. I said yes, and it got me thinking on all the wonderful Bible studies there are! in fact, i've devoted a whole pinterest to Bible studies and Bible books. now you can get inspiration for a Bible study anytime you want. :)

anywho, i hope you all have a great day today!
happy tuesday!


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Crista Moriah said...

Hi Shelby Grace,

You have a beautiful blog and I'm happy to be a new follower!
Can't wait to read more posts. :)

Have a lovely week...

Shelby Grace said...

Thanks so much,Moriah!