Saturday, August 13, 2011

happy saturday

hi, everyone. :)

happy saturday to you all!
i've been up since 7:30am. i went to help with a garage sale my friends were putting on. they didn't sell everything, but they made close to $500, if not more!
aaaand while i was there, i found a couple of things i wanted to keep. :)

like these sunglasses:

they're not exactly what i've been looking for, but they were free.
close enough.

and i got this plain little tee:

actually......i got a lot of many different colors :)

i figured i could do some revamping with the help of good tutorials.

after the yard sale i ran an errand with jordyn, then came back home and took a nap. :)
after my nap we all ate SUCH a yummy dinner! mommy cooked chicken, green beans, and rice.
mmmmmm :)

i hope everyone else's day was fun!
happy saturday to you all!

p.s.-- a sweet, sweet friend of mine started a blog last month! she is so on fire for God, it's just so amazing to see! you really need to go check it out.
right now, she's trying to raise money to pay for a $2,600 well in Africa. She's already got $196 of her own money saved up. She's looking for fundraiser ideas, so go comment and let her know what you're thinking!
and if you want to give money to help her, email me or comment on her blog!!

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