Sunday, August 14, 2011

Before & After: rake-head necklace hanger!

happy sunday to you all, loves!
was everyone able to go to a church today, and see Jesus-loving people?!?! i did! :)
i've been craving mexican lately, so for lunch after church, we went to our fave mexican restaurant! yuuum!

also today, i've been a tad crafty. (hence this post.) but, only a little bit crafty, really.
say hello to my room's newest edition:

my rake-head necklace hanger!

seriously, all i did was call my uncle (who works at an iron and metals scrap-yard) and ask him to be on the look-out for a rake-head. when i got it, i just washed it off and stuck it on my wall.
i didn't even have to paint it!
(i got the idea from here.)

i don't know if i ever showed y'all or not, but before the rake-head, i had all my necklaces on this thing:

it was really cute too. but it's easier to just slide the necklace off the little "spikey thing" on the rake instead of unclasping it from the string.
so, i like the rake better.

which do you like??

tomorrow starts school for me and brantley! i'm excited about having a schedule again. but i'm not looking forward to actually doing the work. :)
however, i have been getting this desire to learn and be "smart" in society, and not seem absolutely clueless and stupid around people, ya know??
i actually prayed for a desire to want to do school.
i think this is God answering my prayer! :)

speaking of God, my friend and i started doing the Purpose Driven Life Bible Study last week. i'm excited about that! i'm looking forward to learning about God's plan for my life!

well, i hope you all have a great Monday tomorrow!
i love you all!

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