Saturday, September 17, 2011

mi familia

hello my dearsies. :)

happy weekend!
i'm watching the Bama game at my Aunt and Uncle's house right now. We just got done eating yummy taco soup and later we have fruit and cookies. :)
I just love spending time with my family. It's really the only group of people you can be totally yourself with, because you know they'll never leave. You'll always be family; blood can't change.
The only bad thing is that Daddy has drill this weekend. :( So it's family time minus one of my favorites. ;)

What's your favorite way to spend time with your family?? Do y'all cookout?? Play games?? Just talk and laugh?? Tell stories??
I'd love to hear!!

Also, earlier today was Brantley's football game (which they won!), and while we were there I saw a friend of mine from co-op! She's the girl behind Catching My Snowflakes, one my favorite blogs! :)
Right now she's selling handmade bracelets as a way to raise money to build a well in Uganda. She is so sweet and on fire for God. I was so excited that she had finished the bracelet I ordered and gave it to me today!! I love it!! The one I ordered is a mix between the pretzel-knot and craft-lace masterpiece #2, from this post. It's so cute! I'll post a picture soon! Everybody buy one!!!!

I hope y'all enjoy the rest of the weekend!
I love y'all!


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