Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the greatness of God

hello, loves. :)

happy wednesday to you all. i'm tired today and feeling like i want to quit everything i'm committed to just so i can finally catch a break.
know what i mean??

i know i'm not as busy as some people, and don't have as many reasons to feel stressed as some people, and for that i'm thankful.
but i'm still tired.

however, with a bit of thought-captivating tonight and serious effort put towards not feeling sorry for myself, i find myself thinking of how great our God is.


truly, He is.
these words are in my thoughts tonight:

shout to the Lord
all the earth, let us sing.
power and majesty: praise to the King.
mountains bow down and the seas will roar
at the sound of your name.
i sing for joy at the work of your hands.
forever i'll love you forever i'll stand.
nothing compares to the promise i have
in You.

I'm just comforted to know that in the midst of my chaos and tiredness, God is seated on the Throne of Heaven. He's got the authority and He gets the final say. There is no one like Him; there never will be. He did the impossible by dying for my sins which were supposed to keep me eternally separated from God. His grace is always sufficient for the stupid messes I manage to get myself into everyday. He the only thing that can offer me peace beyond understanding when all my mind says i need is understanding. He spoke everything into creation; He didn't even have to toil for what he wanted.

He's so great.
Great as in majestic and powerful and mighty.
And great as in awesome and wonderful and fantastic. :)

When I think about God as the Great God that he is, I find find myself becoming smaller, and smaller; my problems get less, and less important; and my vision gets a little clearer and I see things a little more holy.
i'm kind of amazed, too, that i'm not depressed after realizing i am just a very small part of God's plan. if it makes any sense at all, i actually feel a little relieved that i'm not even capable of handling all the stresses of this world. that incapability forces me to trust and rely on God.
And God never let's me down. He never has and never will, because that's not part of his nature. Our God is a God of truth, and if we can't trust him to be who He says he is, then He's not reliable. And then he wouldn't be God.

But He is God.

He's a God that loves and cares when all the other "gods" demand sacrifices and rituals to get you in their good-graces.
He's a God that doesn't condemn you.
He's a God that'll never leave you.

He's God.

gosh, i could go on and on. praise to my King for being so glorious!
sing with me! How great is our God!

i'm going to bed tonight with the knowledge that there is no one greater or stronger or higher than my God.
i'm going to bed tonight with the knowledge that

He's my Daddy.

sleep tight!

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