Monday, October 17, 2011

funny story...

hello loves! happy monday!
we're back from camping, and have been unpacking, washing clothes, blankets, and pillow cases that smell like smoke, and resting up for the week ahead all day long.
i even got to take a nap. it was nice. :)

this past weekend was sososososososo much fun! it was stress-free, relaxing, full of laughing and smiling, and eating! it was perfect. i am SO thankful we had the opportunity to go!

there were several funny happenings this past weekend (including my brother falling from a tree, like 10-12 feet in the air) but the funniest for me and my sister was when i was almost attacked by an armadillo.

It all happened just a few minutes, actually, after I wrote this post. Everyone else had already gone to bed, Jordyn was sitting by the fire, talking on the phone/playing the guitar, and I was laying in the hammock reading my Bible, Crazy Love, and My Utmost for His Highest. While I was reading, I could hear some rattling going on far-off in the woods to my left. I thought about shining the flashlight to look for whatever it was, but I was too scared. I was scared I was going to end up seeing a raccoon and be attacked by it, because raccoons like shiny things and flashlights are shiny.....
Well, the sound kept getting closer and closer, and suddenly I felt this panicky feeling come over me.

If you ever have been chased by someone going up stairs,
or have pretended that the carpet in your living room was an ocean of sharks and the couches were dry land, and you accidentally touched the carpet with your foot, you'll know that feeling I had. 

I tumbled out of the hammock, awkwardly holding the phone, flashlight, and 3 books in my hands, and started heading for the picnic table. Well, I forgot that I didn't tie my tennis shoes when I had put them on, and, ultimately, tripped over one of the shoe laces.
I went south, dropping everything (still have that panic-y feeling by the way!!) and jamming one of my fingers. I quickly get up and run to the the picnic table, with only 2 books, the flash-light, and phone, look at my sister and yell, "raccoon!"

She busts out laughing. Actually, She's been laughing for quite a while. thanks.

I still haven't shined my flashlight, by the way, but I get up enough courage to reach over and grab the book that fell of the ground in between the hammock and the table.

After that, my sister and I walk to the bathhouse, while laughing (at me). When we get back, I hear the rattling again. This time, I shine my light, and half-way behind a tree about 4 ft from the picnic table (which is what I'm standing on top of, of course) is a HUGE armadillo. I mean, this animal was FAT!

Anyway, it scared the heck out of me again, and we decided it was probably time to go to bed.
It was quite a scare...for me. I'm a jumpy kind of person, though; you have to understand. :)

you now have permission to laugh at me.

On another note, today, and the past couple of days, I've been working on/planning for my mom's birthday gift! Her birthday is this Wednesday, and I can't wait to show you all what I'm making her, because you all know that I just have to give something homemade. :)

So, I hope that gave you a laugh, and I hope your week is wonderful. :)
I love you all!



Caroline said...

That's great! Shelby! I've had those moments too! BTW I love the "Choose Joy" pic. That's really cool!

Anthony said...

You're awesome Shelby! Hahaha. I think we've all had those times... I know a certain sister of yours probably has...