Wednesday, October 5, 2011

in my backyard

hello, my loves. :)

i hope you've all had a great week/weekend. sorry i haven't posted in a while....i've been crazy busy!
would anyone like to send me on a vacation?? donations are welcome.

just kidding. i don't have time for a vaca.

but i'm not complaining! noooooo. actually, i'm really thankful at how God is keeping me sane and helping me do well in all of my classes, which never happens. seriously.

but what i really want to talk to yall about is the 40DFL ministry in T-town.
For those of you who live in T-town:

Did you know that there's an abortion clinic in T-Town??

You didn't know?? You probably didn't want to.

Darkness is what fills the buildings of abortion clinics.

Darkness is what fills the abortion clinic in Tuscaloosa.

Please read this report of the darkness one man encountered at OUR abortion clinic:


As the abortion center closed for the day, one of the
employees came out and threw eight small plastic babies
on the ground.

"I don't know how long you people plan to be here,"
said the worker, "but this is how many we did today."

"Our group remained silent," said Ryan in Tuscaloosa.
"We watched the staff member leave, and prayed for
the eight babies and the staff."

The local team decided it would be best to distribute
the plastic babies to vigil participants to carry as
a reminder to pray for all the unborn, especially the
eight from this particular day.

"We all deal with trials at our vigils," Ryan said.
"We have faith that God is using us to do His work.
This trial and others are proof that God is at work
in these clinics."

The team in Tuscaloosa sent a photo of the plastic

Holy Spirit, please convict us all regarding our fear of speaking out on behalf of the unborn.

Friends, I know ending abortion sounds impossible.

But don't forget The God we serve:
He's the Impossible Jesus.

Please be praying for 40DFL as you go about your day. Pray about getting involved in your town. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's prompting. Be open to his commands.

I love you all, and hope you have a fantastic day!

p.s.-- Katie's book came out yesterday! QUICK! go order your copy!!

Please see this post also, for testimonies from last year's 40DFL


Lizzie said...

OMGosh! That is so sad. I will be praying.

Shelby Grace said...

thank you!