Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY: plain white tee re-vamp!

hello, lovies! here's the DIY i've meaning to try for a while. finally, i just did it.

and i might add, it doesn't look half bad! :)

i wish i had better pictures to show, but these will have to suffice! :)

here's how i did it:

i got a plain white tee that wasn't doing anything in my closet

and a big piece of cardboard.

i put the cardboard inside the shirt, so that the front and back of the shirt didn't touch.

then i used the Elmer's BLUE GEL glue to write a portion of Psalm 46 all over the front if the tee.

then i let it dry over night. the glue needs to dry completely!

once it was aaaaaaaall dry, i dyed it!

you mix 2 cups of hot, hot water,
with one packet of dye,
1 cup of salt, and
1 TBSP of liquid washing detergent.

mix it all together really well. (the salt doesn't have to dissolve, FYI)

then pour the mixture onto the shirt, which should be in a clean/washable container of some-sort. using GLOVES, mix it around with your hands so all of the shirt get some dye on it.

i ended up putting the dye and shirt into smaller container (like a 6 cup measuring bowl) so that the whole shirt could be submerged in the dye, and i didn't have to stir it as often.

let it sit for AT LEAST 30 min. mine sat for a little less than an hour.
then, wring it out,

wash it on delicate, cold/cold, and BY ITSELF,

and then wear it! :)

again, sorry for the stinky pictures....hopefully, when i wear it out somewhere, i get some better ones to show y'all.
this was SO easy to do. I hope somebody out there tries it!!

i hope everyone has a happy tuesday!
i love you all!

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Caroline said...

This is really cool, Shelby! I can't wait to try it! :)

Shelby Grace said...