Sunday, December 25, 2011

jesus' birthday!

merry christmas, dear loves! it's jesus' birthday!

it's been a wonderful day. we got up, opened presents, read the Christmas story, and sang "happy birthday" to Jesus while we ate his cake. :)

then I totally had a meltdown/sugarcrash at my grandparent's house.

theeeeeen I got some food and it was back to a great day! :)

This christmas and my family's holiday traditions have gotten me thinking about the traditions i want to start with my own family one day. some of them might sound crazy, but to be honest, i've really been feeling convicted lately about making Christmas about Jesus and no one else.

-so, i won't be doing santa with my kids. sorry, not even going to play along. we'll be respectful to everyone else though, and we won't spill the beans to your kids. i promise.
-i like the idea of doing gifts like this: something they need, something they want, and something to give away. and then stocking stuffers. :)
-and also (i've only recently been thinking about this), i may not even do "presents" on christmas morning. we may take that time to just celebrate Christ's birth! then do presents later, once our hearts are in the right place.

Those are just things I've been thinking about....I may look back on this one day and think it is totally unrealistic and silly.

But, I really don't think so. I don't think there is such thing as unrealistic and "going overboard" when it comes to putting God in His rightful place, even before American and family traditions.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!!
Here are some things I got that I just can't help but share with you:

the multi-colored "mosaic" necklace, made by the women of Uganda

Kisses from Katie

The stuffed giraffe (orange and yellow) ornament, made in Uganda.

gracias, Kimber!

And, not pictured, a biligual Bible, which I have been wanting for FOREVER!

So blessed this Christmas! And I am SO thrilled that some of the gifts given to me blessed someone else. God is working even in a seemingly self-centered holiday season.

I love you all!

Mommy made us each a "You're amazing because...." photo frame. You can write different reasons with a dry-erase marker on each others frames. Sweet!

me and my sister!

me, sporting the Ugandan beads and Kisses from Katie!

Brantley, with his 3ft long peice of beef jerkey!

playing the new Just Dance 3!

p.s.-- I just happened upon this cool Christmas tradition! definitely going to keep it in mind..... :)

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