Thursday, December 15, 2011


hello, dears! how are you all today??

i'm doing well. didn't do much today; just the homeless lunch this morning, which left me with a couple of prayer requests and an opportunity to help provide Christmas gifts for a family.

prayer requests:
-Mother in need of help getting christmas gifts for her family
- Woman struggling GREATLY with the death of 8


family members in the April 27th tornadoes, one of which was her son who had children. She now has custoday of those kids, on top of the stress of just finding a home. She came in for lunch with her husband (?) and we only had enough chicken for one more person. She gave it to him. I think that was the last straw, she just broke. I asked if there was anything I could pray for, and she laughed and said, "You got a place to sit?" as though it would take a while to tell me everything.
Of course I had a place to sit.
So we talked, and I just encouraged her as best as I could.
When she left I reminded her boldly, "God has not forgotton about you, and He loves you."
Se just gave a sad smile. It broke my heart.
I can't imagine not having the hope I do in Jesus, in all situations. I know it was God that led her to the lunch today, even though she didn't get a full meal for herself. What she did get was Truth.
That was a seed. And God promises to water it.

The opportunity to help provide Christmas gifts for a family is about the Mother above. She is struggling with thyroid issuses (which my own mom deals with) and can't physically be the mom to her kids that she wants to be. She asked for help.

For her grandaughter (age 8) - Dora babydoll, clothes (sz. 5&6), shoes (sz. 11)
For her younger son (age 8) - lightsaber (StarWars...), shoes (sz. 1), clothes, jacket, pajamas
For her older son (age 16) - gifts, shoes (sz. 9/2), clothes (M)

If you live in the area, or don't mind paying shipping, and would like to help donate some of these items, that would be AMAZING. Comment on this or email me:

After she finished telling me all that they wanted (more like needed...) she asked if she could get me a gift. "Would that offend you?" she asked. I told her it wouldn't.
What sweet kindness she showed. It still makes my head spin.

A lot of people think that all homless/financially struggling people are lazy and like to mooch off of people. They think they have alterior motives and are stupid. For some, for many, that can be true.

But through working at this homless lunch for over a year now, God has shown me that they are real people with real problems that NEED real help. THAT'S why they're there. And as long as I can, I am going to help them as the Spirit leads and provides.

God is at work right now so clearly......

And just a moment ago I finished writing a letter to both Watch and Nabwire Rose. :) I can't wait to hear back from them!

Dear friends, I hope you have a great Thursday night and rememeber the reason we celebrate Christmas.
It's because Jesus left heaven, came to earth, and saved the world.

Can you think of anything more awesome??
No, that's not retorical. There is seriously nothing more awesome.

And this is the Good News I have been chosen to share.

I love you all!
Good night!


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