Tuesday, April 24, 2012


hello, dearest ones! happy tuesday!

im so thankful it's tuesday, if only because it's not monday anymore...because yesterday was a badbadbadbad day. it was hectic and stressful and i cried a couple of times and my blood sugar got way too low at one point. by about 4ish, i was ready for monday to be over. thankfully, by about 7:30ish, it was over, and i totally zoned out.

SO! it's tuesday and going to be a good day...because it's the day that the Lord has made! He didn't have to give me today, but he did, so I'm believing that I am living this tuesday for some important reason!

lately, God's been showing me big things in little packages...meaning he's been bringing me the same wisdom/encouragement/joy/conviction i need exactly like he usually does, but it's been in less "dramatic" ways.
I guess this is a little hard to explain.....

I'll just say that instead of "dramatic" (for lack of a better term) quiet times with him at one point in my day, i get lots of little, holy, inspiration-packages that help me put my mind in better perspective, serve him better, and love people better as I go throughout my day. I dont really prefer one way of communication or the other....but i will say that recognizing God speaking to me in this way was hard to get used to/hard to recognize in general. for a little while, i felt like my quiet times were awful in that i never "felt/heard" God at all. but he's stretching me....in all areas.

one "package" that really hit me hard was from Sunday's message from Church of the Highlands. The pastor simply said to stop living in "survival mode" and start living in "significance mode".
I've definitely been living in survival mode, thinking day-to-day, not being eternally-minded, figuring out how to just get though the busyness of today so that i can climb in bed and hopefully get enough rest to make it through tomorrow's craziness too! I have to remember the truth of John 8:34-36. I am a daughter of God. I have a place in His Family forever. If God sets me free from slavery and drudgery like that, and calls me his own, I am free. I am significant because He put his mark on me and dressed me in His splendor.

So, maybe you needed to be reminded of your significance today. Or maybe my writing is of no benefit to you, but only me in keeping my sanity. :)
Regardless, God is here. The Holy Spirit is working. The Son is drawing me.

If I had to define my life right now in one word, it would be "stretching". God's stretching my faith in Him, my trust in His plans, the gas in my tank, the hours before Daddy's deployment, the number of people caring/praying for us, my understanding of the Word, and so much more. God is molding me into the person he has always desired me to be, and I can feel it. It's a great feeling. It's a great truth.

I'm in one of those moods where I have so much to say about God and his goodness, but all I can do is stare off into the distance, smiling, while thinking about everything I want to say. I just don't have the words. Maybe soon I will. :)

Are any of you being stretched right now?? In what areas?? I'd love to know!

I love you all!

p.s.-- i'll have a guest post from a friend of mine for y'all soon on some topics from the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan!

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