Sunday, April 15, 2012

a lot-a-bit of everything

hello, loves! happy sabbath!

i hope you all have had a great weekend so far and are able to rest today to prepare yourself for another wonderful week. :)

i am sososo thankful that my life is about to slow down tremendously. I have one more softball game left before tournaments, school's almost over, and summer is right around the corner! i can't wait!
of course, i love softball and school (more-so because it makes me smart, not because i just enjoy it), but they both have pretty much taken over my life. I've found that it has left me little/no time for serving and helping people like I absolutely LOVE to do. This is also partly because we are just starting to get plugged into a new church, so I haven't been able to serve in any church body either.

So, this summer I'm planning on volunteering with the local Save-a-Life ministry and working at a camp for abused children. I am SO pumped about both! I'm also hoping to be able to use my tithing money for the next couple of months to buy donations for an orphanage in Uganda that my friend will be visiting this June! You can read more of her amazing story on how God has provided the resources for her trip every step of the way here.

Also, as my junior year in highschool is coming to a close, I've been exploring colleges....yes, you read correctly. Me, the girl who always said she'd never go to college, is pretty much certain that she's going to go to college.
I've decided this because what else am I going to do after highschool if I don't go to college?! I'm not going to be lazy and do nothing!
I think that while I'm still single and childless (because marriage and motherhood are two huge responsibilities) and don't have many things demanding my time, I should be wise with my time and work to further my education in areas where I can serve God best.
This leads me to choosing a major that will do just that- help me serve God best. I would really love to pursue something in the field of social work, human development, and psychology. I would love to be able to take that into places where I could help disciple families and children, maybe even be a social worker, or work in an orphanage somewhere! That's my heart.
Of course, this matter is still being seriously prayed about....because while my heart's desire is to do what I've just explained, my greatest desire is to do the will of God. And I know that sometimes the will of God looks nothing like my will. If that's the case, I will need to totally abandon any of my hopes and dreams, and run fully after His. This could be hard and take me totally outside of my comfort zone, but what better place to be than in the very center of the will of God?!
As you can see, a lot is being considered here! But I'm not going to worry about a single thing. I know who holds my future, and I know he has the very best in store for me. Not only that, but I know that the future he has planned for me includes Him using me to help people and further his kingdom. Trust me, only he could use a broken soul like me to help people and show others his Love. It's amazing!

I'm getting excited about my future, y'all!
I'm getting excited about my today. My time now. I might be planning things for my future, but I know that I don't have to wait to show people God's love. I can start today with practical things. I can start with the people closest to me-my family. I can go out of my way to put them before myself in all things. After all, if I can't be trusted with these small things, how can I hope that the "big" things I'm planning for my future will ever work!?!? I'm counting on the strength of God alone!

i love you all! have a happy day!

"From Zion, perfect in beauty,
God shines forth."
Psalm 50:2
p.s.-- I got a letter from Watch yesterday! Read about it here!

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