Monday, May 7, 2012

here comes summer time

hello, dear ones!

it's may already! wowzers...time has flown by!

since i last posted, my softball team went to tournaments in Montgomery, and we ended up coming in third place! :) we had a BLAST that weekend. here're some snapshots of our fun:

And last Friday was my junior prom, themed Moonlight Masquerade! I went with my friend, Ryden:

we had SO much fun! See more from that night here. :)

I'm so happy that summer is truly right around the corner. i'm even done with school! (except for history and ACT prep)
my summer plans aren't too exciting, but i'll be staying busy!

on another note, i think my family and I have finally found a church....after about 6 months of searching. We've been going to Church of the Highlands for the past 3 or so months now, and we've just begun to take membership-class-ish classes that tell us all about the vision of the church and how things work there. I really feel like it's the place God wants us! finally!
now i have to actually start plugging myself in.....which i hate doing.

i really don't have anything else to talk about....but i do have some prayer requests:

- please be praying for my sister and the college ministry she is involved with! they are in Miami, Florida right now hosting an out-reach VBS for kids!
- please be praying for Anna Leigh as she and her family are in the Bahamas right now on a missions trip!
- please pray for my mother's left hip. currently, she's in need of a certain surgery to heal it, but our insurance refuses to pay. pray for God to move supernaturally!
- please pray for my whole family as we prepare for Daddy's leaving in June. He'll be gone for a year with the military, and we will be depending on God like never before.

ok, that's all.
anything I can be praying about for you?! let me know!

i love you all!
sorry this was a slightly boring post. I'm in a slightly boring mood, where all i want to do is curl up and watch a movie. the rain isn't helping either. :)

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