Thursday, August 16, 2012


hello, dears!
happy thursday!

i'm still at the beach! kinda ready to be home...but for-seriously: how can i complain when i'm surrounded by all of this?!

jesus has got some mad creation skillz.

i have been loving quotes and words in general lately. any and all kinds.
i'm in love with pretty words. i like flowy, flowery scripts, and beautiful imagery. a member of my nursery team at Highlands, Lindsey, writes so wonderfully. check out some of her posts.
another who writes well is Sarah, a friend of a friend. she has a nifty blog too!

and here are some quotes from a book i'm reading right now, that completely captured my creative attention:

"I was able to raise my head, and then saw the closing of our transaction: a trickle of blood running down the wood and puddling on the ground. The payment. Such a gruesome sight, such a discomforting thought, but really, to be honest, quite appropriate considering what Jesus, the Son of God, had just purchased.
I am free."

"He had come to be the Savior of this woman. He knew her by name; and speaking her name, He touched her. And her sins were gone."

"Destroyer began to wilt. 'She...was mine, from her youth!'
'Ours-our Lord's,' said Tal, 'from her mothers womb.'"

"In heaven, reunions like this happen all the time, and the angels always found it absolutely riveting. Only human souls made in the image of God could fully know the soaring joy, the tear stained ecstasy of losing a loved one and then, after a stretch of time that is always too long, feeling their warm embrace again, hearing their voice, sharing all their news. But moments like this were what the angels worked and fought for, and it was their fathomless joy, their greatest reward, to behold it once again."

-Frank E. Peretti 

and then i came across a cool quote by Mother Theresa. here's a picture of it:

so ready to be home, ready to see mi amigos, and be back at my church! i don't think i can get to
t-town fast enough.
i love you all!
wish you were here!

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