Wednesday, August 22, 2012


dear ones, does your heart ever just feel full?
full of love, life, compassion, dreams, passion, belief, joy?
mine does, right now.

i want to tell you what i feel in my heart, but there are so many things, and i can't find the words.

i will say that the Lord has been saying to me, "wait."
despite what i thought at first, i don't think he's telling me to wait on something, someone, or anything really.
what i feel Him doing in my heart is simply teaching me that my whole life should be me waiting, or being with Him.
i picture myself daily, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, quieting my soul, stilling my heart and mind, and emptying myself of myself, and just saying, "i want what you'll give me, Lord. Your agenda, not mine. i'm waiting and am available for anything. i trust you."

and the beautiful part of this waiting is that i'm waiting with Him. i picture myself (again) just sitting with the Lord and talking with Him. As we spend time together, we grow oh-so intimate and close; my heart begins to look like His and i begin to understand some of His ways, His words, His heart. And sometimes, I still don't understand Him at all, even after all the time we spend together. But because we've grown so close and I know His character, I trust Him. I trust in the Love He's shown me, the Love that He is, and I'm not afraid.

I'm beginning to realize that this waiting that He is teaching me, is really, and very simply, the living He told us to do.
Could that maybe be what He meant when He said to live quiet lives?
I think our entire life should be lived in a way where our hearts are continually stilled and quieted, so that when God says, "ok, i've been molding your heart, as you've waited with me, to fit into this next chapter i'm calling you into. you're ready now," we can say, "yes, Lord. i trust you and i know you."

and waiting with Him is beautiful. you're there, in His presence; He's dwelling with you, in you.

Honor and majesty surround him;
strength and beauty fill his sanctuary.
psalm 96:6

what a sight He must be, clothed in beauty, honor, majesty, strength.
oh, to see Him...and one day we will.
and we'll know Him, because we've been with Him and lived quietly with Him.


these were taken yesterday at The Brown House, a ministry started by a local (homeschool) family whose mission in life is to fulfill the words "Christ's Presence - Present to All."
Simply put, the Brown House is "A home. A community. An opportunity. Our lives, with all its hypocrisies and contradictions, laid down as an offering to Christ. Our lives, with all its beauty and wonder, received as Christ's special blessing."
already, these kids, this opportunity, have served in filling my heart. i have been Loved by such a beautiful Love, and the Lord has given me an opportunity to to share that Love with them.
i am beyond excited about this next semester, as I tutor and hang with these guys!
i'm praying for a great semester and school-year for you all, college, graduate, highschool, middleschool, and elementary school kids alike!
live quietly.
i love you all!

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