Friday, June 28, 2013

love letter

My Sweet One. My Constant. My True. My Always and Forever. My Dear. My Closest Soul-Sharer. My Jesus. My Savior. My King. 

You are my favorite. If I ever had to (or will have to) choose between you and anyone, even whoever I love most in the world at the time, I would (will) choose you because you're worth it. 
You are the treasure I would give up everything to have. For all of my days I will seek after you and hunt for you in the corners, the unseen places. In the dry places, I will cry out for rain and when the rain comes I will stand and wait for the heart-tingling sensation of watching your promise emerge from the storm clouds. I will watch the sky's tears be wiped away with rays of tinted light and I will proclaim it was the handiwork of God. 
I want you because you're intoxicating and overwhelming and when I'm fully aware of your presence, I almost can't breathe, but it doesn't scare me. I do not need air if I have you. You are my source of life and so I shall never die. You have saved me from perishing and that is a magnificent and remarkable truth. I marvel at it. I love you because you understand my heart even better than I know how to articulate to you how my heart is feeling.

I need you, God, at the center because that's where you belong, and when you're there, everything becomes clearer and falls into place better. Everything falls into place when you're in first place and that's how you designed our relationship and it's good. I think you made it that way so we would realize our need for you and desperation without you. 

I want to find you and find you again. I want to sit in your lap and just look at you. I want to know your plan for me, my purpose, and then I want to do it and do it with passion and zeal for your name that is beautiful and has captured my heart. I want you in every kind of way. I want everything you're giving, everything you offer, because I know you're never too much. I'll never fill up or run out of room for you because the more you fill me, the more you increase my capacity to be filled by you. Your greatness astounds me and I'm in love with you.

I love you. I love you and I've never said that in a truer sense than how I'm saying it to you now. 

I love you. 

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