Friday, March 12, 2010

Top of the muffin to ya!

I watched this episode of Seinfeld yesterday and liked it. This is just a clip of the main parts of the episode, very funny! :)

Today's challenge is more of a "to-do and don''t-let-mommy-do" The goal is to clean the whole kitchen so my mom won't have to! It won't take up much time and my mom's been doing so much lately; she needs a clean kitchen without the effort!

*Yesterday's challenge was completed! It's not hard to be sincere in serving the girls at the Brown House, I have fun with them! They laugh and play and cut-up! It's easy to join right in and, for some reason, they really like us! We didn't do anything special, just came and hung out! I love going there!

Speaking of the Brown House, it's almost spring break and on Friday and Saturday of next week, the Brown House crew and a few helpers are going to be doing some work! We will be doing some repairs to the Blue House and planting a vegetable/flower garden! I am so excited! Have a great day yall!

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