Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know I just posted but, while I was making my webby rounds, I saw this party from Sara's Party Perfect. It reminds me so much of this other party she featured on her site. I also included it in an older post of mine. :) p.s.-- I really like the blog that the party was on...... :) enjoy!
also, a cool blog that deserves recognition, but not a whole lot of interest. :)


Rebecca said...

Hey! :) Saw you were following my blog so thought I'd visit your's. :) Thanks so much for the compliments on my party...and I just have to say...as a fellow natural curly haired girl....I LOL'd at your header....my sister and I have used Infusium the majority of our lives! :) Too funny! :)

Shelby Grace said...

Oh my goodness, how ironic! SO funny! haha :) and thank ya very much! :)